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If you’ve ever looked for a hair salon or stylist, you know the struggle. Trusting someone new can feel like a blind leap of faith when making a change. 

Maybe you went to a salon because their Instagram profile looks cool, or an influencer posted about them. You might’ve heard about a stylist who works two hours from where you live because you know a friend-of-a-friend’s cousin who has great color. Or maybe you got a referral from your aunt to a local stylist she’s been going to for years but they don’t specialize in balayage, which you’ve been dying to try. 

Finding a salon that checks all your boxes isn’t easy and it's tempting to jump around to try to find what you’re looking for. But that method can leave you frustrated and no closer to finding a place you love. It seems like there are thousands of salons to choose from, so how do you find your fit?

The beauty industry shift: a movement that is more personalized than ever. 

The increased demand for personalized beauty services is driving a shift in the salon industry. Gone are the days of catch-all service menus. Customers are looking for hair extension specialists, organic hair color, curly hair experts and the list goes on. They want a salon that mirrors their values and a hairstylist they explicitly trust. Bespoke hair services are on the rise, and they are here to stay.

If you’re a stylist, you might be nodding along right now because you’ve felt this shift too. Have you ever had a client come in looking for a perm, but you haven’t done one since cosmetology school, so you have to turn them away? Or, you haven't really mastered balayage yet and someone brings you an icy balayage Pinterest picture with a smokey root shadow that immediately makes you sweat? You want to attract the people who are looking for what you specialize in and those are the clients who will likely stick around for the long haul. 

It may sound corny but finding a hair stylist is a lot like dating. The ideal situation is finding someone you can grow with and trust to make hair decisions together. You want someone who can guide you through trends and risks and tell you that you don’t need curtain bangs - or that you absolutely do. So how do you find each other?

Meet VERVERY! A powerful tool to facilitate better beauty connections.

What is VERVERY and what does it mean? VERVERY is a Boston-based salon marketplace app and our name is truly our ethos. VERVERY is simply the magic that happens when a client meets the salon of their dreams. We were born out of the belief that there is a better way to great hair. 

The VERVERY app aims to create artistic synergy between a client and stylist where the stylist’s unique approach to their craft is appreciated and celebrated and the client absolutely loves what they see in the mirror. 

How do we do it? We take the guesswork out of finding your perfect salon by matching you to your dream stylist using personalized filters. Our tech is made especially for the beauty industry and utilizes a matching algorithm that builds off of criteria that people search for the most. The best part is that salons and stylists input their descriptors directly, so their profiles accurately reflect what they are amazing at.

VERVERY uses the information provided to instantly curate matches the searcher might have never found just using Google or Instagram.

Hear us out… Why is VERVERY better than using Google or social media?

The reality is the beauty industry has changed and traditional marketing methods haven’t adapted to the new norms. Social media marketing as we know it isn’t built for hair salons or stylists and using hashtags to find a salon on Instagram is like looking into a black hole of irrelevant content. Simply put, searchers want personalized results and businesses offering those services want to be found!

Google is the ultimate generalist - if you search for “salon near you”, you’ll get just that, every business in the area. If you live in the city, you could get hundreds of results. It's so time consuming to look through each and every business profile and even then, most of the information you need to make a decision is still missing. Facebook and Pinterest aren't any better at providing decision-making information either.

Using search engines or social media platforms to find a hair salon can make you feel like you're on a dating app endlessly swiping, when all you really want to do is type in your must-haves and find that trendy salon that offers wine, great music and the perfect shade of brunette. 

 VERVERY saves you from the 'trial and error' approach in choosing a hairstylist by putting you in the driver seat of your search and curating results based on your personal style and needs. Checking social media profiles for beauty businesses should ultimately be the last stop before you book an appointment and help you confirm your interest in a salon or a stylist's work.

So, how does VERVERY work?

As a salon finder app, we offer two paths, one for those searching for their hair match - the other for hairstylists and salons who want to attract their ideal clients. 

If you’re in the market for a hair appointment somewhere new, follow five simple steps to the hair of your dreams… 

  • Download the VERVERY app & sign in
  • Once you are verified, go over to the “search salons” or “search stylists” tab
  • Customize your search criteria by price tag, salon specialty, vibe, amenities, brand values and more 
  • Load your personalized matches
  • Book your next appointment! 

Bonus step: If you love your hair, leave a review on VERVERY to help others like you find their match!

If you’re a hairstylist or salon owner, it’s just as easy. All you need to do is download the app, designate whether you’re a professional or a salon owner and start building your unique profile!  

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VERVERY - built by stylists, made for your best hair ever

VERVERY is leveraging technology to bring about much needed innovation in the beauty industry.

We aim to empower both beauty professionals and beauty consumers with a simplified way for salons, stylists, and clients to find each other. By providing a one stop shop for distinguishable, relatable, searchable content about beauty businesses, anyone looking for unique skills and values can easily discover what they need. 

Nobody wants to be on an endless search for their best hair. You can create lasting, meaningful beauty relationships using VERVERY and find the place where you and your hair are happiest. 

Let us play hair matchmaker for you. Download VERVERY Today! IOS, Android, Desktop.

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