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Foolproof Your Next Hair Appt:

10 tips for your best hair results

It’s time to get your hair done. Sigh. And you’re totally avoiding it! You’re tired of paying good money for something you’re just not thrilled with. We’ve all been there. Self-care is precious - and mediocre experiences can feel like another drain on your life instead of the rejuvenation you need it to be.

So how can you fix what’s broken and leave your hair appointments feeling like the goddess you are? Don’t worry, we've got you covered and we’ll walk you through it. The golden ticket is not only finding the right hairstylist, but also having the right conversation. Follow these tips to empower your next beauty experience to be everything you need and more.

Before you go.

1. Know that hairstylists are not a one-size-fits-all.

Like yourself, hairstylists have many different strong suits and passions. While one may be certified in cutting curly hair and loves creating dimensional brunettes, another may be an award-winning colorist who really doesn't like cutting at all! Some hairstylists couldn't do an updo if their life depended on it - and some have never done a perm since leaving cosmetology school.

So, what’s the best way to find hairstylists that have the skills you're looking?  Utilize resources that easily narrow down the abundance of options to exactly what you need. One great way is to curate your matches on our Boston salon finder app - VERVERY. Another great option is to get a referral from someone that has the same hair and the same expectations as you. Otherwise, you’re going down a long Google rabbit hole of inapplicable recs! Skip the noise and find ways to get specific.

2. Book a separate consultation

Is there any worse feeling than having a consultation with a hairstylist knowing you are not jiving at all and feeling like you can’t back out now because you’re here for a 3-hour appointment? Ugh. Chances are the hairstylist feels it too. How awkward for you both.

So, if this is your first time going to someone new, do yourself an enormous favor and book your consultation on a separate day from your service. Most salons and hair stylists offer free 15-30min consultations. This gives you the opportunity to see if this new salon and stylist are a good fit for you!

3. Always prepare with pictures

This will never be a dated tactic!

Get on Pinterest and start saving hair photos that you like and don’t like. Try to focus, and not save random curveball photos of something you might want to try in 3 years after you get married and change careers. Imagine describing out loud why you like or don’t like the ones you saved. Find pictures of yourself, as well, that may relate to the conversation!

For example: You’re thinking of getting a bob!  But the one time you had short hair you kind of hated it and you’re also terrified of getting the dreaded ‘soccer mom bob’ (even though you’re a soccer mom) - perfect, bring in all those pictures! This gives your potential hairstylist a clear image of your history, your aspirations, and your concerns.

Once you arrive.

4. Be specific

Use visuals and descriptors to communicate exactly what you want. Instead of saying you want a “trim”, specify in inches or show on your body where you want your hair to sit.

Describe something that you wouldn’t want to happen. Let’s say you’re a brunette and you don’t want your balayage to be too light. You could say “I don’t want someone to describe me as a blonde." All of this creates a clearer picture for your hairstylist.

5. Be honest about your hair history

Louder for everyone in the back!  Dish it out. Especially for color services. If you have long hair, be prepared to spill a 3-4 year color history. That hair in your mid back is OLD! Previous chemical services can, and will, interfere with any new color service.

That ‘semi permanent’ box dye from 2 years ago that says it washes out...It's. not. gone. And it will prevent the new color from working. Hairstylists are only concerned with giving you good results - not with judging your box dye choices. And if you feel judged, they aren’t the right hairstylist for you!  Remember that withholding can only do you a disservice, so don't be afraid to spill!

6. Discuss your lifestyle

Your lifestyle absolutely impacts what kind of hairstyle and hair color makes sense for you. Do you wear your hair in a ponytail 90% of the time? Great, that lets your stylist know to ask questions like “Is it ok if some of the pieces fall out of the ponytail, or no?” Do you only come in to the salon twice a year? No problem, there are lots of low maintenance color options to discuss. Always looking down at a microscope in the lab? Perfect, that lets them know those sweepy bangs might be worth questioning.

7. Be open to suggestions

While it's important to have an idea of what you want, it's also important to be open to suggestions from your hairstylist. They may suggest a variation… or they may warn you that your idea may not be possible! This does not mean that they don’t know how to do it. Many refined, educated hairstylists will talk you out of something - or even refuse it - if they know it is not going to work or be too dangerous for your hair. Especially if it’s someone that you found on VERVERY and know that they are a specialist in this area. This is a perfect opportunity to get multiple opinions!

8. Discuss maintenance

Before you commit to a new look, make sure you understand how much maintenance it will require. Ask your hairstylist about how often you'll need to come in to maintain this look and what you'll need to recreate this look at home. Make sure they also have enough flexibility in their schedule to accommodate the maintenance!  If your future hairstylist never works on Wednesday and that’s your best day to come to the salon each month, that might be an issue.

9. Ask questions

Don't be afraid to ask questions. Put your potential stylist on the spot. See if they can think quickly on their feet and navigate your questions in a way you understand. Their answers to your questions may be the final confirmation that you need in order to know if you communicate well together.

10. Confirm, confirm, confirm the plan

Lastly, never walk away from a consultation without confirming the official plan that recaps the entire conversation. This is called the closing statement. A closing statement is the most important and final piece to the puzzle, ensuring you both fully understand what is happening.

For example, after a lengthy conversation about your haircut probing into several ideas, your new hairstylist should walk you through the final decision…

“OK, so we’re taking 2 inches of the bottom length, adding face framing angles starting at your chin. We’ll keep your layers in the back the same length, but we’ll add a little bit of texture to them in order to give you some movement while you grow them out. Does this all sound good?”

That final YES is the key to your comfort and a successful experience.

Final thoughts

So now we know how to maximize our success!

1. Find the professionals who match the expertise we need

2. Make sure our communication together is seamless

They say communication is the key to success in all relationships. We wholeheartedly agree.

Here at VERVERY, we’re helping you streamline your best beauty matches so you can start communicating with right pros faster! You could say we’re the dating app for finding hairstylists. We’ll provide you the coveted information you need to find your best options, but dates are an essential part of confirming your compatibility. Make sure your first date is a consultation appointment and not an #emergency text to your bestie.

Let us play hair matchmaker for you. Download VERVERY Today! IOS, Android Desktop

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