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2022 Holiday Hair Guide:

Interview with VERVERY founder, Katelyn Alberts

Peak season for every hair stylist is no doubt the holidays. From November to New Years, we are booked solid and are usually running on coffee and Christmas cookies in the breakroom. Don’t get us wrong, we’re thankful to have amazing clients who keep us busy. But this is definitely a crazy time of the year. 

Being in this business for almost 20 years now (wow, am I dating myself here?!) - I’m happy to answer some popular holiday hair questions from clients just like you.

I’m thinking about changing my look for the holidays, is this a good idea?

Okay, this is SO tempting. I get it. Maybe you have a big Christmas party to go to and you want to be extra stylish this year with your Wednesday Addams-inspired fringe. Or maybe you want to jump on this stunning ruby red hair trend.

But let’s pause. Why does changing your look around the holidays deserve a little more thought?

  • Hairstylists are usually really busy and booked back-to-back and changes take extra time to discuss and implement! This is something you might not want to rush through. 
  • If you don't like it, it's almost guaranteed your hairstylist won't have time to fit you back in their schedule for a last-minute fix! 
  • Also, think about your holiday photos. You don’t want to regret your party look when Aunt Linda shares that memory on Facebook 3 years in a row. You can always change after the New Year 😉 (new year, new you).

Help! Should I get my stylist a gift for the holidays and what should I buy?

This is a great question! I’d like to start by saying that hairstylists know that visiting the salon is a luxury (and a splurge for many) and we do not at all expect gifts for the holidays. For those who do enjoy gift giving, I didn’t want to answer without getting feedback from my fellow hairstylists so I polled a bunch of forums and this what I found:

  • 76% of hairstylists polled prefer extra cash / gift cards!
  • If you’re into small gestures - gifts like coffee-in-hand, wine, or flowers are always appreciated.
  • If you’re a gift giver at heart and know your hairstylist would love something special you found, go ahead and get a personal gift!
  • What to AVOID: You'll want to avoid gifts like "my hairdresser rocks" ornaments and mugs. While your hairstylist loves that you think they rock, they probably already have 50 of these…

Why do salons have so many product sales around the holidays? 

You might have noticed that salons are posting a lot on their social media about products, raffles, giveaways, etc. during this season. It’s easy to overlook this, but here’s why you shouldn’t.

  • Many companies only make mini products around the holidays!  Minis are great for stocking stuffers... but also to take on your next vacation or trip to the beach! These come in handy all the time, so grab a bunch.
  • Salons also have a ton of holiday product sales. Many can only do this during the holidays because their suppliers offer holiday deals and bundles as well - that aren’t available any other time of year!
  • Also, look out for holiday raffles for products and gift cards for those who visit the salon during this time - these are a STEAL. And who doesn’t like to win stuff?

Hot tip. You might be tempted to buy haircare products on Amazon too, and I get the convenience factor - but ultimately, I do recommend that you go through your local salon for a couple reasons. One is to show your support and the other is because you know what you’re getting there is the real deal and not knockoffs. Yes you can be buying knockoff or expired hair products at places like Amazon and Marshalls!

Oh no, I forgot to book my holiday appointment. Now it’s too late to get in, and I’m desperate. What should I do? 

This is the worst, right?  And we’ve all done it. There are a couple of things you can do in this situation. Here’s my best advice...

  • Needed a haircut desperately? Claw clips are all the rage and could be a great way to hide those split ends and accessorize for your holiday outfit. Here are some quick options...and when Amazon is a safe choice!😜 Claw Clips : Target or Claws - Hair Accessories: Beauty & Personal Care
  • Your roots are showing? Color powders are great for hiding grey roots. Just brush onto your part and hairline like eye shadow and voila. You can find them at Ulta or Sephora. Root Coverup Powder - COLOR WOW | Sephora
  • If all else fails, you can plan your outfits around a good chunky headband or a super cute wide brim hat or a beanie with a pom-pom on top!

It’s so last minute and I don’t have a go-to salon. Should I even try to get an appointment somewhere?

This is a big one! It can be super scary finding someone new in a rush. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. You can search through a ton of great hair salons and stylists in Greater Boston on our app - VERVERY.   Here are my recommendations on how to approach this.

  • Find a handful of options that you align with by using filters and keywords on VERVERY and call / email about availability.
  • Always ask if there’s a cancellation list as well! Salons and stylists often have last minute cancellations during this hectic time and want to fill it fast.
  • Find their social links from their VERVERY profile and follow them on social media as well.  Salons and stylists will also post their last-minute availability on their stories and feed!
  • Ask for the minimum amount of services you need done. It’s much easier to find you a small appointment than a big one. So, if you can hold off on the highlight but your haircut is scary - just book the haircut.

Their schedule will likely have more room for extra sprucing after the new year! This is also a great way to test out a new salon or hairstylist without over committing to something that might not be an ideal fit!

So when am I supposed to book my holiday appointment with my hairstylist?

If you don’t want to worry about wearing holiday headbands or rushing through your Christmas eve hair appointment to make it on time to your family party, I recommend that you start planning your holiday appointments by October (September, if your hairstylist is normally busy). I know this sounds early, but the early bird gets the best appointments. Let that be you! Save the stress for things like that gift that isn’t supposed to arrive until Dec 26th.

I hope this was helpful and have a wonderful holiday! See you in 2023 - Cheers!

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