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What's Trending in Beauty 2023:

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Calling all VERVERY Insiders! We’re here with the latest scoop on what’s trending in beauty in 2023. (yes I know it's February, I wasn't ready!)

Whether you’re reading this post as one of our VERVERY salon owners or stylists or one of our trendsetting beauty consumers, we’re breaking down the trends for both sides and showing you how to get the most out of your beauty experiences this year!

OK, so there's a recession!

We know, we know. Hate this for us. I think we can all agree that money is tighter than it may have been in a very long time, or maybe ever. I mean, how much is a dozen eggs now?

We can also all agree that there’s a movement toward prioritizing self-care, and we are here for it.

For clients, we’ve been hearing you! You aren’t looking for the cheapest Groupon this time around. You’re OK with spending, but only want to break out your wallet for the best experience. Yes, you still want a badass balayage, but you’re also looking for more. A hand massage, a scalp treatment, the energy, the consultation…it all matters and finding the right experiential fit is a must if you’re going to feel good about dolling out your hard-earned dollars.

Salon owners and stylists…are you listening?! You might be totally confident that you do the best bob in town, but you really need to consider the overall salon experience for the 2023 consumer. What can you offer that isn't part of the service that's going to have your dream clients talking when they leave the salon?

We love this fun example from a stylist that has a candy bar, offers chai tea lattes, and brings her dogs to the salon! She says...

I can’t tell you how many times the candy and my dogs got Insta’d and I got tagged in it, instead of their hair. Creating an experience like that, people will drive an hour out of their way to come see you because of X, Y, Z and it has nothing to do with the actual service you’re giving them.” - Dawn Bradley

Let's sloooow it down in 2023.

Friends, the last few years have been a doozy. We’ve been bombarded with a crazy amount of content and noise, being told what to do...and TBH we’re yearning to connect with what matters to us as individuals. Experts say we're all experiencing 'hyper fatigue'. I'm just going to say, I feel that. So, what's going to bring us our individual happiness and bring us back to center? Well, this is what we're seeing:

  • Designed-for-me experiences - Experts say this is the "year of me". Clients are saying they want experiences to feel bespoke, and stylists are saying they want to create those experiences rather than catering to the masses. What a win-win! We love to see VERVERY stylists and clients collaborating to make the perfect experiences that will cement their stylist/client relationship forever and ever (amen).
  • Clean + sustainable products - Our gal Mother Earth hasn’t had it so easy lately. Especially on the heels of the pandemic. As I look down at a used mask blowing across the ground. We’re all feeling a little more protective of Her. Salon owners and stylists are feeling awesome about clean and green products and clients are feeling great about putting their dollars toward sustainable options that still leave them feeling like the goddesses they are.
  • Cutting through the bullsh*t - Let’s level with one another. We’re all burnt out, wholly and completely. We don’t have the time or inclination for false niceties. We all want to connect easily and authentically with things that light us up. Clients are digging totally honest stylist and salon profiles that give them a realistic sense of what they can expect, and stylists are crazy eager to connect with the right clients and the right salon vibe.

Hair trends NEVER get boring, am I right?

OK, even if you have no interest in actually changing your hair, chances are you still want to know what's happening out there, you're not dead! Also, the red carpet tends to make a lot more sense once you know what's trending in fashion and beauty. So, we broke down many of this year's hair trends into 3 major categories. Some trends I entirely expected while others made me 👀. Let's take a gander.

  • Sleek, defined, sculpted hair: We're talking ultra sculpted updos, defined braids, strong slick side part (sorry Gen Z), classic box bob, and the "wet look"
  • Ultra healthy hair: Anticipate more 'expensive looking', high shine color requests. Look out for the 'liquid brunette'. Long layered haircuts (the modern V cut) with super model blowouts in leu of curled beach waves.
  • The wolfcut transformed: The continuously popular wolfcut which is known for its layers, movement, and wispiness now has new exciting variants long and short: the octopus haircut (where grunge meets glamour, soft wispy textured bangs, long length "legs" on the bottom), the butterfly haircut (wispy "fluttery" texture), the bixie (bob meets pixie) and the mixie (mullet meets pixie).

(Vogue, Allure)

What do you think? Are these trends that you’re excited to try? (Or go back to if you're as old as me). Sound off on our most recent Instagram post!

Also, if you're getting a haircut this winter, but really wanting to spruce up an otherwise basic service, here's an idea for a fun add-on: Vogue says that searches for “scalp treatment for dry scalp” are up 70% on Pinterest! So, not just healthy hair, but also healthy scalp is in!

Love, love, love

Whether or not you celebrate Valentine's Day, here at VERVERY we just love LOVE. Trendsetters, we’d love for you to leave some love for your salons and stylists on the app so others can find them and create their dream 2023 hair experience.

And if you're still looking for the salon and want to enhance your beauty search beyond "salons near me" or "#balayage", head over to VERVERY to discover your perfect salon matches around Massachusetts.

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