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Why beauty salon jobs don't fit typical recruitment platforms

Hey there, hair friends. Feeling stuck in what feels like a unfavorable salon environment? No idea where to look for your version of a dream salon? Not interested in scrolling around on Indeed or Glassdoor for salon jobs in Boston?

Trust us, we get it. And you're certainly not alone. Those common recruitment platforms just don't capture the wants and needs of hairstylists. That's why at VERVERY, a marketplace just for finding salons and stylists - we're doing it differently!

The most common reasons hair stylists leave their salon

Did you know that the average hairstylist moves to a new salon every two years? That's double the average employee churn across all industries in the United States. So, why are hairstylists changing salons so often? Well, you might recognize some of the most common reasons:

  • lack of management
  • unfavorable salon culture
  • lack of growth opportunities
  • lack of employment security
  • moving to a new city
  • lifestyle change

Many hairstylists often claim they feel trapped at a salon, and therefore stay at their hair salon job a lot longer than they should, contributing to an unhappy culture. So why are hairdressers so reluctant to say bon voyage?

Let's look at some of the most common fears that arise once a hair stylist is considering looking for a new opportunity...

How often do hairstylist change salons?

What ever happened to the two week notice?

It's common knowledge that in the beauty industry, we don't often adhere to the two weeks notice standard. Is it a lack of professionalism? Or, is it to be expected given the delicate nature of the business at hand?

Either way, unless you're of absolutely zero threat to your current salon's business, there's a decent chance that when you make your announcement, you'll also be packing up your things and waving goodbye to the receptionist on your way out.

So what does that mean for you? It's means that everything that keeps your business behind the chair, and your lifestyle, running smooth is immediately at risk. Scary stuff!

Hairstylist and clients in hair salon

The age old question in the beauty industry of "Whose client is it anyway?"

Now there's the client list - dun dun dun. Is it the salons or hairstylists? Salon owners and stylists have always debated over whether a client "belongs" to the salon or the hairstylist. (taking a moment to clarify that no one belongs to any other person, while acknowledging the age-old argument. Let's continue!).

Salon owners may not want an employee who’s quitting to have access to their client list because it threatens the salon's profitability.

Chances are, many of those clients originally came to the salon because of the salon's location, good reputation and/or marketing tactics. Which all take years of time, money, risk, and investment. However, you as the talented stylist you are - are responsible for keeping them by providing an exceptional experience.

So you may feel like you deserve access, but you don't know for sure if you're going to get it. It's like a custody battle, but with highlights.

The fear that when it's time to bid adieu, access denied! 

Perhaps the battleground is tread-free, and your separation resolved amicably with a hug and sweet farewell. Wishing this for everyone.

Or perhaps, the great tech tango continues. We're living in an era where everything's on the cloud, so not only are you clients in the computer system, but so are your precious client notes and color formulas, which are often on the salon's booking software, along with all of your future scheduled appointments. This could turn into a real tangled mess if those digital doors slam shut.

As if all that isn't complicated enough. You're only halfway there. You still need to find your ideal salon environment. The good news is, we can help with the rest!

Hairstylist and blonding client

The real challenge begins—finding your new salon sanctuary.

So, what's a stylist to do? Google, hashtag on Instagram, ask friends? Drive by salons that may be looking for talented cosmetologists and send them a resume?

Is this 2003? It's like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but the needle is your dream salon and the haystack is the entire internet.

And let's be real, stumbling upon a cute salon doesn’t answer the crucial questions like "Is it booth rent or commission? Do they offer education? Benefits?" It's like picking a hair color blindfolded. Well not to worry, this is where we come in!

Enter VERVERY — your backstage pass to some of the best hiring salons in Boston!

FYI - VERVERY was built by stylists, to support other stylists. We've cracked the code to the wild, wild west of salon employment. We've got the details you need to know about salon jobs in Massachusetts.

We spill the tea on everything from culture to expertise, making your salon search as breezy as a your coworker blow-drying while you're doing a foil.

Whether you are a senior stylist with a full clientele, an assistant, receptionist, or salon manager, we have salon jobs available for you.

Commission, booth rent, freelance, we've got you. Want to know what kind of education the salon pays for? What benefits they offer, which color lines they carry? It's all there. We have salon spa combos and barber shops.

So if you're looking for a new opportunity, save yourself from your full-time job search, and check VERVERY first. Apply and get hired at your dream salon - what are you waiting for!?

Let us play hair matchmaker for you. Download VERVERY Today! IOS, Android, Desktop.

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