Our mission is to help all beauty professionals provide distinguishable, relatable, searchable content about their business so that anyone looking for their unique skills and values can easily find them. We believe that by providing more in-depth access to this coveted information, we will help to facilitate better and more fulfilling beauty relationships in our highly personal industry.

what does ververy mean?

Derived from: VERVE


  • To have vigor and enthusiasm for the arts
  • artistic energy; spirit


noun /verv-ree/

  • Collective energy after a successful artistic creation
  • The shoulder dance of excitement at one's own exquisiteness

VERVERY is the awe and excitement at one's physical transformation provided from their beauty service.

Meet Our Founder

Katelyn Alberts | CEO and Hairstylist

As a successful Boston hairstylist, educator, and mentor, Katelyn has always thrived as a technical problem solver. After years of hearing the same frustrated stories from clients, stylists, assistants, and salon owners alike of how challenging it is to find the right matches in such a highly personalized industry, she set out on a mission to bring organization to chaos. She understood exactly what the problem was - a complete lack of accessible information - an outdated system. People shouldn't have to spend hours in Google rabbit holes trying to find the salon that matches their needs. Beauty professionals shouldn't have to constantly jump through hoops fighting against algorithms, cultivating engagement, paying for ads, and navigating SEO just to get anyone to pay attention.

"I knew there had to be a better way! So I created one...for all of us. Changing the way you look is a form of self expression that you're putting in the hands of someone else. It is directly tied to our identity and self-esteem. We need to be empowered to make these decisions based on our unique needs. Ergo VERVERY!"

Founder Interview - Next on Scene Magazine