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What is VERVERY?

VERVERY is a salon marketplace...specifically a matchmaking marketplace for Greater Boston. We're here to help you find your ideal hair and beauty matches easily. As a marketplace, we are a third-party platform presenting other salon businesses and professionals to you in order to help facilitate more informed beauty decisions and in turn create more fulfilling beauty matches.

Who is VERVERY for?

VERVERY connects beauty businesses & professionals with beauty consumers - with a focus on hair services. It is for high-value salons & beauty professionals who want to expand their reach to their ideal audience by being listed on our database, as well as for any person who has experienced the struggle of finding the right salon or the right stylist and needs straightforward guidance.

Do customers have to pay for VERVERY?

No, anyone can search the app for free! If you want to create a free account, you will be able to save your favorite salons and professionals, save your favorite photos, leave ratings and reviews, and get all the fun updates! If you want to book an appointment, you won't get any fees from us.

How do I know that the information being provided is accurate?

You can trust that the information being provided on VERVERY is solely and directly from the business provider. You can trust that salon owners and professionals would not want to intentionally misrepresent their business, as it is much more effortful and costly to have unpleasant interactions and business lost, than it is to maintain healthy ones! You can also easily cross reference any information and reviews by checking out all of the links provided on their VERVERY Profiles.

What is the meaning behind the $$$ choices?

As of now, VERVERY is suggesting that businesses match the $-$$$$ range selected on other well-known business platforms like Google Business and Yelp. Since there are so many variables around service options & combinations, location demographics, and personal expectation, we suggest using the $$$ as a general guide, and then using the business' website or booking link to dive deeper into the exact pricing for your specific service needs.

How can I make the options listed in order of distance to me?

The 'Salons' tab will always be listed randomly and ever changing for enjoyment. Once you head to the search tabs (Search Salons & Search Pros), the results from your searches will automatically be listed on order of distance to you as long as you allowed VERVERY to connect to your location. If you're unsure if you allowed this feature, check your app settings on your phone, or uninstall and reinstall app.


q's just for Pros

How do I create a Salon / PRO account?

First, go to Ververy.app. Then hit 'Sign Up' to become a User and to create your own Homepage. When you sign up, you can choose between being a salon owner (to create a salon account) or a professional (to create a stylist account). Choose which one makes sense for you. Your homepage will automatically give you access to build your featured profile/s. Your profile will become active and appear in searches as soon as you start your subscription!

How do I know customers will find my profile?

Our filters offer a variety of search options - with hundreds of combinations - that will allow your unique profile to not only stand out, but it will be found by the customers that are specifically looking for your skills and values. Still not sure? Be a customer and try it for yourself!

How do I know that VERVERY will have all the options that match my business?

VERVERY has a wide variety of options available to represent your business's unique offering. We'll continue to add more options as we so that your business remains unique. If you have a specific requests, please reach out and let us know!

How much does it cost to be a member?

For a membership pricing breakdown, go to our For Pros page!

Can customers book appointments with me on VERVERY?

VERVERY is intentionally a network platform so that you can continue to use your favorite salon software for booking! Our booking link connects customers to whatever salon management tool you are already using for appointment booking. This means you can switch to any salon management software you want to, without it affecting your ability to market your business on VERVERY. We don't add any transactional fees, and we don't require that you have online booking - that option is totally up to you!

Do you have a community?

Yes! We host virtual masterminds for members to connect, learn, and share about various industry topics. We also have a member-only Facebook community: 'VERVERY Insider Lounge'. We believe in the importance of having a space for progressive beauty professionals in Greater Boston like yourselves to connect, support, and inspire one another - ask questions and exchange ideas! Please join us!

How much do I have to participate?

It's totally up to you. We think you'll get the most out of VERVERY if you complete your profile, keep it up to date, and contribute in your community lounge, but you can also set up your profile with only the information you never want to change, and let it do the work for you.

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