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Best Boston Hairstylist for Brunettes:

Get IN on the 'Expensive Brunette' Craze

Want to know how to get in on one of the hottest hair trends in Boston? The expensive brunette trend is sweeping across the nation, but how do you find the best Boston hairstylist for brunettes who can get the job done right?

Whether you are searching for an 'expensive brunette' master, or the best Boston hairstylist to deliver the perfect butterfly cut for your gorgeous new color, VerVery is THE place to find a new hairstylist in Boston.

We're here today to dive deeper into one of the biggest color trends, that’s set up for major popularity as the one of the best 2023-2024 winter hair looks.

Forget about boring single-toned brown hair in Boston! It's time to embrace the extravagant allure of the Expensive Brunette.

Whether you live in Southie, Back Bay, or are settled into the suburbs of Boston, VerVery is dedicated to helping you find the best Boston hair stylist for brunettes or ANY hair color you desire! So, grab your hot latte and get ready to dive into this one!

Sam Grady Hair at LAMS by Love and Mercy Salon in Boston, MA

It's Not Just Brown, It's a Concept

First things first, friends – the Expensive Brunette is no ordinary shade of brown. It's a concept that's all about sophistication and depth.

The Expensive Brunette exudes subtleness similar to that of an A-lister trying to blend in with the crowd - while still somehow looking perfectly chic.

Getting this haircolor right is not just something any Boston hairstylist can do. Take a peek at some of the top Boston hairstylists for landing that perfect brunette for your hair type.

Just look at the subtle dimensions and nuances in the brunette balayages by Sam Grady at LAMS by Love and Mercy in Boston. Sam Grady knows how to add the perfect touch of luxury to your locks while preserving the health of your hair.

Forget flat, one-dimensional brown, why bore yourself with ordinary; the Expensive Brunette gives you that high maintenance (but really low maintenance) hair of your dreams!

Lustrous Dimension and Nuance: The Expensive Boston Brunette

It's getting colder. And darker.... (Goodbye daylight savings time, we'll miss you!)

But just imagine - hair that's alive with highs and lows, depth, and reflection...all while staying within one or two shades of your base color. The low contrast makes it look effortless.

The radiance is what makes the hair look healthy and cared-for. Experience the magic of the Perfect Brunette in Mallorie Krawczyk's chair. Once you’ve experienced Mallorie's brunette magic at Arte Salon in Wayland, you will know you have found the best MetroWest hairstylist for brunettes.

Wella Hair, a global authority in hair color, sums it up perfectly with “You'll know you're looking at an expensive brunette if the hair reminds you of the Hollywood elite”

Healthy Hair Goals- Find a Hair Stylist in Boston that Cares About the Integrity of your Hair

Finding a great hairstylist for YOU is no easy task. Especially when you have had a less than great salon experience or two. Check out our blog post on how to secure a great salon experience.

VerVery takes the heartache and frustration out of looking for the right hairstylist in Boston to do your hair. Match up for FREE with stylists who specialize in brunettes or take a look at all of the talented stylists in Boston on VerVery's Instagram.

One thing we can't get enough of is how the Expensive Brunette not only makes your hair look effortlessly healthy, it actually is healthier. Unlike harsh coloring processes that can leave your hair damaged and dry, this concept minimizes damage by not requiring a dramatic color shift.

Ask your stylist if you can get this looks without using bleach for maximum healthiness. Your locks will thank you for it as they shine like never before. Healthy, glossy, and oh-so-luxurious – that's what the Expensive Brunette is all about.

Danielle Corey at Fulham Salon in Wellesley, MA

Girl, you’re glowing: High Shine, Low Maintenance

Extra glossy, anyone?

Who doesn't want hair that shines like a diamond? The Expensive Brunette promises just that. Its high-shine factor is inspired by the trending 'wet look' concept that took 2023 by literal storm. Imagine your hair reflecting light like a million tiny mirrors.

At the salon, that’s called a double-glossing. And here's the kicker – it's easy!

Just ask Brunette expert, Danielle Corey at Fulham Salon in Wellesley. A double gloss will not only send your new balayage over-the-edge, but when you come back for your next visit, all you'll need is MORE shine.

With the Expensive Brunette, your next salon appointment is more likely to involve a luscious shine treatment, than a color touch up. When your brunette highlights are created with depth and dimension in mind, your locks won't look faded and dull between visits demanding you head back to the salon. Are we living in a dream? Nope. Just in a glorious brunette era.

Conclusion: The Glamorous Dark Side - Find Your Ideal Boston Hair Stylist

Ladies, if you're ready to turn heads and make a statement, the Expensive Boston Brunette is the way to go. It's not just a hair color; it's a lifestyle. Embrace the subtle dimension, the rich nuances, and the radiant shine – you'll feel like a million bucks every day. So, what are you waiting for?

It's time to channel your inner Hollywood glam, and unlock the allure of the Expensive Brunette. Your fabulous new look awaits! 💁‍♀️💅💋

Katelyn Alberts, Founder of VerVery.

Katelyn is a master hairstylist in Boston, independent educator, and the creator of the VERVERY app.

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