VERVERY: Hair & Beauty App

Your self care preferences are unique - so your search should be too!

VERVERY is your backstage pass to specialized salons & hairstylists around Boston making it EASY to find your ideal matches.

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Anyone with hair NEEDS Ververy in their life!

"Ververy is brilliant. Finally a marketplace to find a salon! I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent trying to Google people who could do my particular kind of hair. And with that method, there have been a lot of mishaps over the years! Here I just plug in my location, what I need done, and the vibe I’m looking for and up comes artists who do EXACTLY what I need, in a place I’m comfortable in, close to home.

Like I said, brilliant! Recommending this to all my friends. Shout out to my new stylist, Yentl, who I found through here!!"

- TuckerGil


Love this app!

"I recently moved to a new area and Ververy has been great for researching hair salons - saves me tons of running around to scout out new spots. I love how the salons/stylists can create a profile so you can really get a sense of their vibe. Look forward to seeing this app take off!"

- Culturevulture100


I wish I found this app sooner!

"It was so hard to find the right salon for me. This app is awesome! It makes it so much easier to find the right fit for anyone!"

- Carly Z.

OK let's see my matches!